Hello! I’m Allison

I am a senior attending Columbia College of Chicago and living in the Chicago suburbs. I am pursuing a career in both Graphic Design and Illustration. My passion for art started with my fascination with 2D animation in cartoons and movies, then developed into my love for drawing comics and illustrations for stories of my own. As I got older, I wanted to apply my creative skills to more of the design and functional spectrum of art.

Humans are very visual beings, especially in this day and era. Our minds crave quick doses of dopamine to keep the attention and retain information. Personally, pleasing visuals in design are much more effective in creating that attention-keeping effect when trying to convey a message. Many people would prefer to look at pleasant illustrations rather than a bunch of words on a page. Good illustrations included in meaningful design can not only grab someone’s attention, but also teach them something new with the message that you’re trying to convey. Illustration and design combined can communicate a compelling message, and I want to continue to create that in my work for people to enjoy.

I have made several logos and branding for small businesses, and I’ve designed book covers for novels. Whether it be branding, package design, designing a website, or bringing an idea to life with illustration, I have experience with all sorts.

Phone Number: (630) 715-0363

Email: allisonamartinez2001@gmail.com